In a city, whose club and music culture breathes the spirit of the disco era more than any other in Europe, producers and label owners more than elsewhere feel obliged to guide the great legacy into a glorious present and future, supplying a unique level of quality and innovative spirit. A work ethic that’s affectionately being taken care of both in the overall vision and the small details.


Equipped with years of music business experience and united by an equally long friendship the Munich based duo of Alex Mallios and Nick Bader made their dream come true in 2012 by founding the connoisseur indie label Love Harder. Their common goal: to release a few but stylishly selected tracks and thereby enrich the genre they always have been fans of themselves: house music. In all its facets. And all its possibilities.


The start for Love Harder couldn’t have been better: releases by signings such as Achilles & One, Xinobi, Leo Kane, Namito, Haze-M, JazzyFunk, Guardate and Drop Out Orchestra not only garnered euphoric reviews, they regularly found their way into the upper regions of various genre charts.


But despite the great (media) feedback, the commercial success and inevitable label expansion the Love Harder-makers never lose sight of their original vision: to share the music they love with as many like-minded people as possible. Und to pass on the inspiration they repeatedly drew from the sounds in the clubs of their hometown of Munich.Because in the end you have to feel it.